Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center?

Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center Rehabilitation
850 Baxter Boulevard
Portland, Maine 04103

Phone: 207-774-7878
Fax: 207-775-2811



What types of activities do you offer? Our activities department offers a wide variety of active games, musical, and other entertainment, arts and crafts, other theme or holiday based activities as well as community outings. Our activities department operates seven days a week.

Do you offer to take residents on Bus Trips? As part of our regular activities schedule we offer outings to Walmart, leaf peeping, historical tours, and even just trips out for lunch.

Are religious services offered? We offer weekly services here at Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center and have pastor services available for those not able to make the service.

Example Activities Calendars: SpringSummerFallWinter (all links to PDFs)

Therapy & Treatment

What types of therapy do you provide? Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center offers physical, occupational and speech therapy services seven days a week.

How often and how much therapy will I receive? While we do offer therapy seven days a week, each individual’s therapy is based on their clinical need and individualized treatment plan.

What happens if my family member does not reach their therapy goals? Do you provide different levels of care? We strive for communication to be one of our strong points at Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center. We encourage all family members to reach out to our staff and inquire regarding their loved ones progress. Following privacy regulations we will always do our best to keep everyone informed regarding their family members success and challenges.

If returning to your prior level of function is not a possibility, we do offer Long Term Care and Assisted Living services here at Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center. Even if you request to be transferred closer to a family member our staff will work with you to make a transition to another facility as smooth as possible.

Can residents use their own MD while in the Nursing facility? At Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center, we offer full physician services onsite to help manage your health during your time here with us. If you would like to request your own physician follow your care here we too can make arrangements for these requests.

Food & Nutrition

Do you offer food preferences at meals? How is the food? What if I’m on a special diet? Our dietary services department strives to provide a hot, attractive, good tasting meal for each of our residents. We will work with you to explore preferences within our menu to ensure you receive the best meal available. We have an always offered menu as well if a certain craving hits you.

Our team of physicians, speech therapists, dietitians and dietary services department will work with you to recommend any specific therapeutic diet you may be requiring while working through the healing process.

Doctors & Staff

Are there regular staff or does the facility depend on Agency or contracted employees? Primarily our staff is comprised of long term Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center care employees, with over 60% of our staff having been here for over 5 years and 32 employees having served between 10-37 years at Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center! We do occasionally supplement with contracted staff to cover vacations, sick days & holidays if needed.

Is there sufficient staff on evenings and weekends? While our office and managerial staff are not working regularly on weekends our clinical care staff ratios remain the same.

Do staff and residents appear to interact with ease? Providing a friendly atmosphere is one of our goals here at Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center. Whether it is a shake of the hand or a cup of coffee we always encourage our staff to put our friendly foot forward.

How often can I expect to see the doctor? We fortunately can say that we have at least one provider in the facility five days a week. During your stay be assured that your physician or another provider will always be consulted upon your request or when our staff feels your clinical needs may have changed. Regular doctor visits are always part of the care at Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center.

Are requests for assistance by residents/families responded to in a timely manner? For example, how long does it take staff to answer a call bell or light? While the national average is around 9 minutes we continually strive to respond quicker than the national average. Depending on the shift we do see a slight variance based on staffing.


What types of insurance do you accept? Medicare Replacement Plans, Anthem, Martin’s Point, United Healthcare, Secure Horizons.

While we accept most insurance policies, depending on your provider they may dictate whether you are able to be admitted to Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center. Our admissions process will help determine if Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center is in-fact an option for you.

The Facility

What are the results of your latest survey? The results of our most recent annual state survey are always kept in our lobby for review by anyone interested.

Are the rooms private or semi-private? How often will I have to move rooms? We offer both private and semi-private accommodations. While we do try to limit having to ask residents to move we do occasionally have to request this of our residents.

Why do nursing facilities have an unpleasant odor? As a general rule facilities like ours should not have an unpleasant odor. Our housekeeping staff takes great pride in providing you with a clean, comfortable environment during your stay.

Are the rooms and the facility clean? Our housekeeping staff takes great pride in providing you with a clean, comfortable environment during your stay.

Are visiting hours restricted? Can my pet come and visit me? We have open visiting hours. The facility is locked after a certain hour but visitors are welcome anytime day or night. We welcome our four legged friends! Just bring in verification of your pets vaccinations to our receptionist.

Am I able to leave the facility to go with my family for a ride or lunch? We encourage residents to get back out into the community but keep a few things in mind. First, your insurance company may have a limitation on how long you may be out of the facility. Second, make sure to coordinate between your doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions and nursing treatments. Third, you may want to take things a little slowly as your recover.

Preparing For Your Stay

Should I bring in clothes? Is the facility responsible for laundry or family? During your stay at Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center, comfortable, loose fitting clothing is best. Sneakers or other rubber soled sturdy footwear is recommended. We do offer laundry services at Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center but you do have the option of sending you clothing home with family.

Do you transport me to my doctor appointments? We can arrange transportation for you to your appointment while you are with us at Seaside Skilled Rehabilitation Center.